Friday, March 11, 2011

Today is my Birthday..........

and I am at my Mum's house on my own, so here is my uneventful day in phone pictures.

I have spent too much time gazing at the beautiful view from the living room window (this photo doesn't do it justice)

I finally look some proper pictures of my new necklace for my Folksy store.  Here is a mildly better picture than the last one I took of it. The proper photos will be uploaded when I am home.

I read 'Oh Comely' magazine. I finally found it at Birmingham New Street station and have now devoured it from cover to cover.  It is such a wonderful magazine and I highly recommend it.

I wondered  what to do with this Orla Kiely wrapping paper.  I'm certainly not going to wrap anything in it. I think it may look nice hanging on the wall in a dark wood frame. Sometimes simple is best.

I entertained the mini mentalist.  This is the only time he has sat still all day.

Not the most exciting Birthday ever but I don't mind.


P.S   I would like to send my love and best wishes to all of those affected by today's earthquake and Tsunami.  A sad day!

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