Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Merchant & Mills

I have discovered something very rare indeed and I am practically drooling.  I spend a lot of my life browsing the Internet for decent sewing patterns and kits that aren't outdated (in a bad way) or age inappropriate.  My dreams have quite literally come true with Merchant & Mills.  They are a drapers from the beautiful town of Hay-on-Wye and these are the reasons I have fallen in love with them.

Number 1: beautiful Patterns.

 Number 2: Brilliant bag kits.

 Number 3: Unbelievably good packaging. (check out that typography)

 Number 4: Lovely dressmaking fabrics (so difficult to find)

Number 4: Good quality and good looking notions.

Number 5: Really good photography.

All photos sourced here 

I would also like to mention how beautiful the website is and how good their short courses sound.

Have a look at their website and read their blog

I'm sorry for this mammoth post but I think they deserve it. Phew!


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