Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lovely things of the week

1. I fell in love with this lamp when I saw it.  it surprises me that it is Liberty but when I found out it was Liberty it no longer surprised me that it was £79.
 There is currently 20% off in Liberty and on their website if you are interested.  You have to be a Liberty card holder but you can sign up for a card instantly.

2. Doc Marten Satchels.  I think I missed the boat on these as there were only 350 made and they have now all sold out.  With a £150 price tag I wouldn't have been able to own one anyway.  Never mind.

3. The article on mid-century style homes in the new issue of N.E.E.T, my favourite on-line magazine.  This is really inspiring as I am trying to bring a bit of mid-century loveliness in to my home at the moment. 
 You can find the article here on Page 160  

4. Topsham Lock Cottage in Topsham, Exeter. I am staying there this weekend and it looks beautiful.      The cottage is available as a Holiday let apart from in the Summer when it turns into a cafe.

5. Thrift-ola.  A new on-line shop from the women behind Lady Luck rules ok.  This 24-hour second-hand superstore hasn't been launched yet but it promises to be packed to the rafters with kooky kitchenalia, ace accessories, stunning homewares, pretty paper goods, vintage books & zines and oodles of insane bric-a-brac.

You can sign up for the newsletter here and be one of the first to know when the store launches. 



Lorna May said...

Great the lamp and bags but not the price tags.
My friends dad has an old battered leather satchel he uses for work, had it for MANY years.I so want it.

off to sign up for newsletter to cool website....

Kate@oh Knit! said...

Ooooh I would love a an old satchel. I always look in Charity shops but have never found anything decent.

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