Monday, March 21, 2011

The holy grail of vintage.

On Saturday my boyfriend and I went to St Albans.  I had never been so I did a bit of research and found something very exciting.  Fleetville Vintage Emporium and Scally Dog antiques and collectables. Basically they are two different warehouses full of everything old, in the same place with different names but owned by the same people. Slightly confusing!
Of course we had to go and have a look so we parked up in their free car park and had a good browse.  We both found Scally Dog's had the most covetable treasures but Fleetville Vintage emporium housed its fair share of vintage beauties too.
Sadly I didn't take my camera because it is a behemoth but here are a few pictures from the interwebs.

Scally Dog's 

Fleetville Vintage emporium 

Sadly we walked away empty handed as the things we wanted wouldn't fit in our flat.  In Scally Dog's we found an incredible but huge metal trunk for £55, a gorgous 1920's art deco dressing table for £70 and a 1950's television but I don't remember how much that one was.  

If you are in the St Albans area then I urge you to go and have a look.

You can find more info here and here


P.S They have a Tea room too.  We had a huge pot of earl grey for £1.80. Bargain! 

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