Thursday, May 26, 2011

Topshop secret store

It's full of dreamy things which are all limited edition with only a certain amount made of each.
I have just fallen head over heels in love with this smock:

It's £85.  I can't afford. :(

These are all completely amazing too:

 Nasir Mazhar hair comb. £45. 30 made.

Steve Morris scarf £50. 24 made.

Boutique bridal dress £275. 46 made.

Boutique clutch £60. 40 made.  

Boutique vest £40. 40 made.

I don't know why it is called a secret store, it's on the main page 


Rachael said...

Not sure about the hair comb but that bridal dress and the smock dress are both gorgeous.

Jen said...

The hair comb designer definitely got "inspiration" from the Young&ng collection, launched in Sept 2010. This hair comb is very similar to the hair combs at

Anonymous said...

The hair comb is a total knock-off of the Young&Ng collection of combs. Sad when someone steals another designer's idea

Kate@oh Knit! said...

Oh dear, I wasn't aware of that and I don't condone plagiarism.
Thanks for letting me know and I hope you have bought this to Topshop's attention.

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