Thursday, June 30, 2011

Twee as Fuck

I apologise for my absence the last few days.  I have been back at my Mum's house in Worcester with no computer access, but I am back now with lots of new followers, Yay!!! Fanks.
Pickle sends his love ♥♥♥

Now I am back I can start organising my new craft club called 'Twee as Fuck'.  Myself and three friends plan to meet once a month to drink copious amounts of Tea and make all sorts of delights.  I'm thinking bunting, granny squares and maybe a spot of pom-pom making. A cliche? probably. Do I care? NO!

I will be documenting it on here so expect lots of photos of wobbly stitching and tangled yarn.



Rachael said...

Wow look at the size of those knitting needles! They are impressive!

Kate@oh Knit! said...

They are beasts. I have some even bigger than that though. 25mm!!!! x

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