Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Confessions of a foodaholic

Hi, I'm Kate and I am addicted to cook books. Make that seriously addicted to cook books. My amazon wish list is fit to bursting with them so I thought I would share the treasure I have been lusting after.

The Penguin Great Food Collection is a series of recipe books that span the finest of food writing from the past 400 years.  That and the wonderful Cover illustrations by Coralie Bickford-Smith and lettering by Stephen Raw make these a cook book lovers dream.

 Peyton and Byrne, British Baking.  Written by London's finest Bakers, this book is full of lovely British treats.

I have made a few cakes from the first Primrose bakery book and been very pleased with the results so their new book, The Primrose Bakery Book by Martha Swift and Lisa Thomas is super exciting. It's isn't out until September though.

Scandilicious by Signe Johansen.  Who wouldn't want the recipe for Daim Cake and cinnamon and chestnut bread.

 Baked in America by David Muniz and David Lesniak of the Outsider Tart bakery in London. It isn't even out yet but I just know that it is going to be a very sticky, fatty, sweet and delicious cookbook.  Full of Peanut butter too hopefully.   Can anyone else see the similarity between the cover of this book and of Cath Kidston's Make?

See you in the kitchen! 


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