Wednesday, February 9, 2011

D.I.Y Full o' Sheep Easy Mitts

I mentioned that I was working on a project using my Stitch Nation, Full o' Sheep wool.  Well here it is.  A lovely pair of mitts.
They were so easy to make that I thought they would make a good tutorial.

What you need:
  • 1 Ball of Stitch Nation, Full o' sheep.
  • 1 pair 4 1/2 mm knitting needles.
  • Darning needle.
  • Pair of scissors. 

The Pattern:
  •  Cast on 38 stitches (you may want to cast on a few less if you have small hands, just make sure you use an even number).
  • Work in K2, p2 Rib for 4 rows.
  • Work in Moss stitch for 34 rows (click here for an explanation if you are unsure)
  • Work in K2, p2 Rib for 10 rows.
  • Cast off in rib

You now have one mitt so repeat the above instructions so that you have two.
Now you need to sew the edge of each mitt up using a darning needle and some of the leftover wool.  Leave a space for your thumb.

Tadaaaa! You have yourself some pretty mitts. 


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