Friday, November 4, 2011


My Mum is moving house next week and we say Goodbye to the house that we lived in for five years.  I am not normally emotional about selling houses as I have lived in more places (I would say houses but a lot of them were pubs) than I can count on my fingers but this house in particular has been extra special.  It has seen so many very happy and very sad memories being made.   I think tears will be shed next week.
It is the home where we said goodbye to my lovely Jack Russell, Rascal after fifteen years of her wonderful company, and we said Hello to our other, slightly more mental Jack Russell, Pickle.

It has the most stunning views.  Pickle clearly thinks so too.

It is the perfect Christmas home.  I can't quite explain why but my Christmas's there have been the best of my life.

And it is also where my relationship with my wonderful boyfriend Alex began which makes having to say goodbye to the house all the more sad.

There are so many more memories I would like to share but this post is soppy enough as it is and I just wanted to document a small part of what it is that makes 122 Henwick Road so special.



sea air said...

oh kate, i'm sorry you're sad. there's nothing wrong with getting all a bit sentimental now and again, it looks like a beautiful house. don't worry though, your mum will be closer and twee club lives on! xx

Kate@oh Knit! said...

Aaaw thanks Jen. This post is so gushing. What was I thinking? hahaha. I actually feel a lot better about it now. Twee club forever. xxx

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