Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Thrift Challenge

I was reading a rather lovely craft blog yesterday called Heart Handmade, when I stumbled upon a post about a thrift challenge.  Claire, the brains behind Heart Handmade decided that 2011 was the year to challenge herself and others who wish to join her to be more thrifty, by recycling, upcycling, making and mending and then uploading our successes to her Flickr group.

My job comes to an end this week and then next week I move to another town in another part of the country without so much as an interview so Claire's challenge seems like the perfect way for me to save my pennies.

I'm off to the library this afternoon to hopefully find some books to help me along my way and as soon as I get going I will post my thriftiness here.

Wish me luck!



Hearthandmade said...

Good luck!! The thrift book by India knight, or sucking eggs by Patricia nicol are brilliant!
Also the food revolution and how to feed your family a healthy balanced diet with very little money (the title continues but I've forgotten! There's a free online version u can read)

Kate@oh Knit! said...

Aaaaw Thank you. I shall scribble those titles down and see if I can find them.
Good Luck to you too.

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