Wednesday, October 12, 2011

This weeks inspiration.

Keeping me inspired this week..........

Proenza Schouler Presents "Snowballs" by Harmony Korine

If you are familiar with Harmony Korine's work then you will probably be a lot less disturbed by the video than if you are not.

I am very keen to own the first printed edition of Blanket Magazine.   

"The Blanket print edition is a compendium of ideas, knowledge and experience pertaining to the creative process of art, design and photography. The content has been carefully considered and curated to include everything you love about Blanket: features, projects, profiles and, of course, beautiful art, design and photography!" 

 Pumpkinrot, Fuelling my obsession with Halloween.

What is not inspiring me is that Primark have started selling cowls that are very very similar to the ones I have sold on Oh Knit! for the last couple of years. Obviously theirs aren't wool  and they will last you all of 5 minutes but they are a fraction of the cost of mine and I couldn't even try and compete with that.  So I am thinking of taking Oh Knit! in a bit of a different direction.   It's a huge inconvenience. I hate you Primark! :(


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